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Protractor°: Who are we, What are we doing? ,

Protractor° is founded in 2012 to make electronic devices for the audio industry.
In 2014 we got a big project to optimize and automize the biogas production on a 16ha Landfill
This project ended 3 years later in september of 2017. Smaller automation projects are now the core business.
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Protractor° is a meltdown of a few activities based on electronics, electricity, mechanics & automation.
The experience started with the building of electrical controlpanels for automation in 1995.
Besides all this was there a great passion for audio, a small rental company for High End Audio Solutions started in 1997.
We combined the automation projects with the rental company, in 2010 the rental company ended.

List of projects°

* Warehouse elevator 1000kg
* Communication between Water Treatment plant and Pumping station on a Landfill by PLC
* Development of a multi-zone heating system for houses.
* Automation of pumping station on a landfill
* Realization of a foamfall for an experiencestory called “Wondergrond”
* Long distance SMS remote control of pumping system
* Realization of an art project with moving objects synchronized with video projection
* Optimizing of biogas production and collection on a 16ha landfill
* Development of a high power analog LED dimmer
* Development of a Sound Pressure Level Meter with data logging.
* Speaker elevators in city theaters and clubs
* Moving Speaker system in concerthall
* Moving Audio Desk platform in a post-production studio
* …